The Second Case 1783 - 1792

The body of this case is decorated with a series of silver ribbons, containing urns and flowers, loops and swags, and the names of many donor Overseers.

On the lid is the only engraving of the Overseers at work, interviewing needy families.

On the bottom is a gold medallion of George III, commemorating his return to health in March 1789, when buildings were illuminated throughout London.

Inside the lid is an engraving of St. John the Evangelist, alongside an architectural outline of Sc. Margaret’s Church.

On the inside bottom is an engraving of the altarpiece of St. Margaret’s, which is itself a copy of Titian’s Supper at Emmaus. It was carved in wood in 1753 by Sefferin Alken. The images on this case are truly parochial. Today it is inconceivable that the American War of independence and the French Revolution are not even mentioned.