Nelson Cigar Box 1906

This silver Cigar Box was commissioned by Sc. Margaret’s Vestry in 1806, to honour the four victories of Nelson at St. Vincent 1797, the Nile 1798, Copenhagen 1801, and Trafalgar 1805.

A crocodile forms the handle on the lid, and on one side there is a medallion portrait of Nelson. On the other is Nelson’s crest resting on a ribbon bearing his personal motto.

The two ends are embellished with the bow and the stern of Nelson’s ship Victory.

The Cigar Box has a plain wood outer case, but the inscription on the lid records that the wood is from a plank severed from the Victory at the battle of Trafalgar.

In 1906, when the St. Margaret’s Vestry was dissolved, the Trafalgar Cigar Box was transferred into the care of the Past Overseers’ Society, who until today honor Nelson’s memory with a silent coast each year.