2020 Silver Piece

The 2020 Silver Piece, made from Britannia silver, was designed by Lee Simmons, and inspired by the South Rose window of Westminster Abbey.  The crest of “The Past Overseers’ Society of St Margaret & St John Westminster 1713” is hand engraved in the centre of the dish.  There are eight sections, “petals”, which give space to accommodate the inscriptions for the years 2020 – 2027, continuing with the tradition and to commemorate the history of the “small horn box’ presented by a retiring Overseer, Henry Monck in 1713.

Each piece has been digitally cut using a water jet cutting machine which uses 60,000 psi of pressure that mixes water and sand to cut the integral part before
being soldered together, to form the circle of the “Rose”.  With the individual engraved panels, each part was hammered into shape via a traditional technique
of hand planishing to create the annual spaces for the years hand engraved events.

Lee Simmons said, “ I was delighted to be asked to design this piece of silver which will become part of the unique heirloom collection of the Past Overseers’