Year 1930InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
Birth of Princess Margaret Rose, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York.
L Herbert WinckworthSir Edward F Knapp-Fisher OWWCaptain JFC Bennett JP
Statue of Marshall Foch unveiled by the Prince of Wales.
New Wing added to Ashburnham House St Peter’s College, Westminster.
Mayor – Captain J F C Bennett JP.
Church Wardens
St Margaret: Baron Kylsant, H H Wigg.
St Johns: J V Glenny, A E W Marshall.
Custodians: L Herbert Winckworth, Sir Edward F Knapp Fisher OWW.

Year 1931InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
The Indian Round Table Conference sat.
Sir Edward F Knapp- FisherSir John C G Sykes KCB, JPCaptain JFC Bennett JP
The Labour Government resigned in August and a National Government formed by the co-operation of Mr Ramsay MacDonald, Mr Baldwin and a section of the Liberal Party.
On an appeal to the Country for a mandate to deal with the National Emergency – the national Government was elected by an unprecedented majority on October 27th 1931.
Mayor – Captain JFC Bennett JP.
Church Wardens
St Margaret: H H Wigg.
St John: J V Glenny, A E W Marshall.
Custodians: Sir Edward F Knapp Fisher, Sir John C G Sykes KCB, JP.

Year 1932InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
Conference on Reparations at Lausanne.Sir John C G Sykes KCBThe Revd Jocelyn Perkins MA, DCL, FSAThe Revd. E St G Schomberg
Conference on Inter-Imperial Trade at Ottawa. £2,000,000,000 5% War Loan converted into 3½%.
Opening of New Lambeth Bridge by the King and Queen.
Mayor – The Revd. E St G Schomberg.
Church Wardens
St Margaret: Major M Peto, H H Wigg.
St John: J V Glenny, A E W Marshall.
Custodians: Sir John C G Sykes KCB, The Revd Jocelyn Perkins MA, DCL, FSA."

Year 1933InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
Centenary of the Oxford Movement.
The Revd Jocelyn Perkins MA, DCL, FSAR B Mann F S IThe Revd E St G Schonberg MA, JP
Renovation of the Library and Muniment Room of Westminster Abbey by the Pilgrim Trust.
Rev C S Woodward Rector of St Johns Church Westminster, consecrated Bishop of Bristol.
Launch of appeal for new Westminster Hospital.
Death of Edwin H Fedarb, Chairman of the Society Aetat 92.
Mayor – The Revd E St G Schonberg MA, JP.
Church Wardens
St Margaret: Major M Peto, H H Wigg.
St John: J V Glenny, A E W Marshall.
Custodians: : The Revd Jocelyn Perkins MA, DCL, FSA. R B Mann F S I.

Year 1934InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
Waterloo Bridge Rennie’s masterpiece demolished.
Robert Bagshaw MannJ A Warrington RogersF G Rudlet J
HRH Prince George betrothed.
Dukedom of Kent revived.
England-Australia Air Race won by C W A Scott OW and T Campbell Black. Mildenahall to Melbourne in 2 days 23 hours.
Mayor – F G Rudlet JP.
Church Wardens
St Margaret: Major M Peto, H H Wigg.
St Johns: Dr A J Shinnie MD, DPH. W R G Walker.
Custodians: Robert Bagshaw Mann, J A Warrington Rogers.

Year 1935InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
Applied Commemorative Coin of the heads of King and Queen with the dates 1910 – 1935.
J A Warrington Rogers
Bernard Wicks
F G Rudler JP
Silver Jubilee of their Majesties King George and Queen Mary.
The marriage of HRH Duke of Kent and HRH Princes Marina of Greece 19th November 1934 – HRH Duke of Gloucester and Lady Alice Christabel Montagu Douglas Scott – 6th November 1935.
Mayor – F G Rudler JP.
Church Wardens
St Margaret: Major M Peto, H H Wigg.
St John: Col Cusack Walton DSO, C F Wilkins.
Custodians: J A Warrington Rogers, Bernard Wicks.

Year 1936InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
George V £5 Piece. Died 26th January.
Bernard WicksMajor Richard Rigg OBE Alderman J C Dalton DL, JP,LCC
Mayor – Alderman J C Dalton DL, JP,LCC.
Church Wardens
St Margaret: Major M Peto, H H Wigg.
St John: Col Sir Cusack Walton DSO, G F Wilkins.
Custodians: Bernard Wicks, Major Richard Rigg OBE.

Year 1937InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
Dec 12th 1936. Abdication of Edward VIII. Ascension of George VI.
Gold Crown.
Major Richard Rigg OBESir Samuel Gluckstein LCC
May 12th 1937. Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in Westminster Abbey.
Custodians: Major Richard Rigg OBE, Sir Samuel Gluckstein LCC.

Year 1938InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
Neville Chamberlain Prime Minister of Great Britain. He set the Nations on the Path of Peace Munich September 1938.
Sir Samuel Gluckstein LCCJ H Grafton
Custodians: Sir Samuel Gluckstein LCC, J H Grafton.

Year 1939InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
May and June Their Majesties visited Canada and the United States of America.J H GraftonR E M Hamborg
September 3rd 1939 – Great Britain, France and the countries of their Empires took up arms against German aggression upon the invasion of Poland.
Custodians: J H Grafton, R E M Hamborg.

Year 1940InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
Italy at war with the Commonwealth and Greece.R E M HamborgF G Rye OBE, LCC
Mr Churchill is Prime Minister. Mr Chamberlain died 9th November 1940.
Germany overrunning Europe attacks in vain The Men, Women and Children of the British Commonwealth. Chairman
Peter Winkworth
Senior Custodian
Lt.Col. Norman Edwards MBE DL
Junior Custodian
Kenneth Marr-Johnson
Custodians: R E M Hamborg, F G Rye OBE, LCC.

Year 1941-1945InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
(1941-45) After Dunkirk in June 1940 to June 1941 when Russia was attacked by Germany, the Empire alone faced the enemy. In 1940 the Battle of Britain in the air was fought and won.
F G Rye OBE, LCCHarold W Couzens
The United States of America became our ally after Japan’s treachery on December 7th 1941 at Pearl Harbour and in 1942 Japan entered Singapore, Hong Kong and Burma.
In 1943 the Battle of North Africa was won and Italy was invaded by the Allies under General Eisenhower, Alexander and Montgomery resulting in Mussolini’s deposition and Italy’s surrender.
In 1944 Allied Armies, Navies and Aircraft invaded Normandy and liberated France. In 1945 Germany, invaded by Russia in the East and Allied Forces in the West, surrendered unconditionally. Berlin was occupied and Europe released. Recovery of the lost Eastern possessions and Surrender of Japan in August 1945, following the destruction of Japan’s Navy and Atomic Bomb attacks, completed the liberation of the world by the United Nations.
General Election in July brought Labour Party into power.
Custodians: F G Rye CBE, LCC, Harold W Couzens.

Year 1946InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
The inaugural meeting of the United Nations Organisation held in the City of Westminster.
Harold W CouzensArthur Collins
Mr Churchill elected first Freeman of the City of Westminster.
Mr Franklin D Roosevelt, President of the United States of America died.
Custodians: Harold W Couzens, Arthur Collins.

Year 1947InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
Acute Financial Crisis gave cause for much anxiety to our Country.
Arthur CollinsGordon Fisher
Death of Lord Salisbury High Steward of Westminster and appointment of Lord Halifax to succeed him.
The “Battle of Britain” Memorial Chapel in Westminster Abbey dedicated.
HRH Princess Elizabeth was married in Westminster Abbey on 20th November.
Custodians: Arthur Collins, Gordon Fisher.

Year 1948InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
Trafalgar Square reopened to be a Naval Monument.
Gordon FisherJ Peter Winckworth
Lambeth Conference held in Church House, Westminster.
Olympic Games held in London.
HRH Princess Elizabeth gave birth to a Son at 9.14 pm November 14th 1948.
Custodians: Gordon Fisher, J Peter Winckworth.

Year 1949InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
18th September 1949 The Pound Sterling was Devalued.
Peter WinckworthJ O Cheadle
Any further inscription seems an extravagance.
Custodians: Peter Winckworth, J O Cheadle

Year 1950InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
June 6th – the College dormitory at Westminster School was reopened by HM The King.
J CheadleJ B Carleton
August 15th – Prince Anne Elizabeth Louise was born.
October 26th – The rebuilt House of Commons was opened.
Custodians: J Cheadle, J B Carlton (1949-1950)

Year 1951InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
June 1951. The Festival Exhibition of the Tobacco Box in Lincoln’s Inn Old Hall where, on March 5th 1796, Lord Chancellor Loughborough gave judgment restoring the Box to the Society, as recorded on the octagon case.

John D CarletonSir William Halcrow
Parliament Square was laid out anew, and the garden in it altered and enlarged.
Custodians: John D Carlton, Sir William Halcrow (1950-1951)

Year 1952InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
King George VI 1936-1952 died 6th February. He gave himself to his People. Accession of Queen Elizabeth II.
Sir William HalcrowJohn R B Mann
Custodians: Sir William Halcrow, John R B Mann (1951-1952)

Year 1953InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
Engraving of the Arms respectively of Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II.

John R B MannLeslie B Farmiloe
Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey 2nd June 1953.
Her Majesty Queen Mary did in her 86th year 24th March.
British Expedition first to climb Mount Everest 29th May.
Korean Armistice signed by United nations and North Korean and Chinese Communists 29th July.
Custodians: John R B Mann, Leslie B Farmiloe (1952-1953)

Year 1954InscriptionsSenior CustodianJunior CustodianMayor
Engraving of the Royal Yacht passing under Tower Bridge.
Leslie Farmiloe MCNorman Edwards MBE, DL
Homecoming of HM the Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh from their Commonwealth Tour – 23rd November 1953 to 15th May 1954.
Custodians: Leslie Farmiloe MC, Norman Edwards MBE, DL (1953-1954)